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Axel Leigh Park
14 October 2012 @ 12:16 pm

I can't even begin to describe KCon...but...here...everything is on my tumblr.

Check it out! <3

Videos and pictures later.
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Axel Leigh Park
25 April 2012 @ 10:21 pm
SO! I'm here...I'm actually alive...haha. Mianhae. I've been busy with work and art and yejunsaranghae and gotthatsupaluv


My deviantart

Enjoy...and buy a puzzle or something. XD
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Axel Leigh Park
26 March 2012 @ 05:33 pm
I'm sorry for not being around on this journal so much, anymore. LOL. My attention is not here.

SO! I have updated quite a bit on yejunsaranghae and I've also started a new journal for music reviews! :D gotthatsupaluv is officially up and running. <3 Take a look, please!

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Axel Leigh Park
22 January 2012 @ 09:54 pm
It's been a long time. Sorry, bbz. <3 I hate how I am so distracted with yejunsaranghae that I can't find the time to update my personal journal. Here I am, though. <3

So...life happened...

I came back from my seven month deployment...can't believe I made it alive! :D I visited so many countries! Our first stop was Hawaii. I shopped and went to the beach. <3 :3 Then Guam. I was on duty in Guam, so I didn't get to leave the ship. Then, we floated around in the gulf for 64 days before we hit Dubai. I drank in Dubai...and I went to Atlantis! The Leap of Faith was SO COOL! Scary, but AWESOMESAUCE. Next, we hit up Aqaba, Jordan. :3 There's not really much to do there, but I did go to the Dead Sea and the Baptism site of Jesus Christ. Being the Christian that I am, I thought it was the most astonishing thing EVAR. It's hard to describe the feeling...ethereal? I dunno. LOL. So then, we floated out in the gulf again for about two weeks...and we ported back in Jordan. The second time, I didn't really get to do anything...I was busy painting the side of the ship. LOL. We made it back to Dubai because we broke our sideport door in Jordan (the first time), so we had to go back to fix it...we were supposed to go to Bahrain, but I guess Dubai was cheaper? XD The second time was not quite as exciting as the first. We weren't allowed to leave the pier after day 3 because it was Ramadan (sp?), and they didn't want any of us to "cause trouble." After Dubai, we started heading home. Thailand...oh, Thailand...Alright...first off...In Thailand, there pretty much aren't any laws. I walked around with a wine cooler in one hand and a beer in the other. Perfectly acceptable. Also...Naked women are pretty much a given. Men, too. LOL. I heard that one of the sailors on another ship was given head on a barstool...in public. Awesome. I went to a strip club...again...pretty fucking awesome. My first strip club was in a foreign country. XD I stayed overnight in a hotel and watched a Korean channel. I watched U-KISS live...on Korean TV. BINGEUL BINGEUL. It was fantastic. I was drunk, and I was dancing. XD. I was also screaming. Ask my husband. XD I was skyping with him and my mom. I shopped a bit...and lost my ipod...and my ID. XD It's all good. Everything is okay, now. Australia. Darwin, Australia. Not a whole lot to do, but Sushi was involved. I hung out with one of the hot asian guys from my ship. No, we're not like that. He's my sister's age and he likes my best friend. Anyway...he got us completely wasted...and when I say wasted...I mean...WASTED. I was stumbling up the brow...and he was holding onto me, trying not to let me fall, but I wasn't going to. XD Well...maybe a little. But I was holding onto the hand rails. XD Good times. So...then Hawaii happened, again, and my mother, as well as several other passengers, joined us on our Tiger Cruise. :D A week of fun! Tours, games, movies! It was the most fun I'd had on deployment. XD

So...that was deployment...now...on wednesday, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed...and my swelling still hasn't gone down...I'm not reacting to this very well...LOL...I woke up with HORRID stomach pain, this morning, so...I dunno what's up. >_< Anyway...JELLO CUPS ON MY FACE!
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Axel Leigh Park
02 October 2011 @ 12:45 am
As the subject clearly displays...I'M FINALLY HOME FROM A LONG SEVEN MONTH DEPLOYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures later...
Axel Leigh Park
30 July 2011 @ 02:51 pm
HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no chit-chat. Alright...so...I'M ON DEPLOYMENT! And it sucks. All the dirty work on the ship gets passed down to my department...because I no longer have a rate. Today, I was out on a rickety ass fucking paint float painting the side of the ship.

Ours looks worse than this:

Our little boat has holes in it...so it sinks...And you have to take the little boat (Paint punt) to the float. >_<!!!!

Anyway...I'll be here in the UAE for a little while. More updates after the mall! :D
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Axel Leigh Park
10 February 2011 @ 01:23 pm
Do you think parents should have the right to post public pictures and videos of their children on the Internet? Why or why not?

This question obviously raises a lot of controversy. I'd have to say...absolutely. If you want to share the joys of your own children across the world, then have at it. Your children are pretty much your property (I don't say this lightly, but in a sense...yes...) until they reach legality. Even then, though, they are still yours. Maybe not in a "property" sense, but in a parenting way. Your children are yours, and overused meme is overused. If they don't want you to share pictures and videos of them, they'll say so. If they don't, then feel free to do as you wish. As long as it's not pornography, it's not illegal. Why shouldn't we allow parents the privilege of sharing their pride and joy? And yes, I said privilege. It's not a right. It's a privilege.
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Axel Leigh Park
30 January 2011 @ 07:18 pm
I took some video, but the quality sucks...because let's face it. iPods were not meant for high quality videos.

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Axel Leigh Park
So...my trip to Roseville to see Paul Kim live started horribly...missed my bus...had a friend take me to the train station...got to Roseville just fine...checked in at the hotel...everything was fine until I realized that I had no money in my account...my online banking is a piece of lying crap...so...here's what went down to make my evening awesome.

Why I love God, Twitter, and Paul Kim.

PK: Just soundchecked with the band. Soundin nice. Can't wait to do work on this stage
Me: @paulkimmusic T_T I'm so mad! I might not get to see you perform after all... Bingeul Bingeul
PK: @Park_AL what happened?
Me: @paulkimmusic my online banking lied to me! >< Bingeul Bingeul
PK: @Park_AL just come. I'll get you in for free
Me: @paulkimmusic ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Bingeul Bingeul
PK: @Park_AL definitely
Me: @paulkimmusic I'm so excited I could cry Bingeul Bingeul
PK: @Park_AL imma need your full name, so I can put it on my guestlist.
Me: @paulkimmusic Dana BeeBe <3 Bingeul Bingeul
PK: @Park_AL done. Just tell em at the door you're on my list. Enjoy the show!
Me: @paulkimmusic <3333333 omg...you're the best evar! <3 Bingeul Bingeul

And they knew me at the door. LOL "You're the one who took the train?!" XD >_< Yes...and it was the best $89.10 I ever spent because Paul Kim was FULL OF AWESOME AND WIN. I wish everyone could've been there for it. <3

I thank howlsgirl for introducing me to Mr. Kim's awesome. <3 Right now, though...I have to go catch a train! More about this later! I took video. <3

EDIT: Okay...the rest of my story...
The show...BRILLIANT. My goodness...Paul Kim's voice...O_O FANTASTIC. In U-KISS terms...it made me tingle tingle. XD He's also amazing at making up words as he goes. XD "This song has no words~" He's a funny guy, too. XD "No sober people in here!" Of course...me being underage...that wasn't going to happen. SORRY SORRY. All of this backed up by a live band made the entire experience UNBELIEVABLE.
The montage was great. They had the American Idol performance, loads of pictures, and of course..."Hero," his single (see below). The DJ last night *can't remember his name for the life of me* also not only knew how to mix songs so they sounded great, he also knew what he was doing with the timing of the videos. FANFUCKINGTASTIC.
I was thoroughly impressed.
THAT'S NOT ALL, FOLKS. As I got up from my seat and turned to leave, the guy taking video pointed me out to Mr. Kim...and even though I had a wrist splint on, that man shook my hand...four times. I couldn't thank him enough for the night. What a wonderfully generous person God has graced this earth with.

Hero - Paul Kim (because the video doesn't want to embed)

The other videos will be posted when they finish uploading.

So...this morning...I left my hotel room at 0500...The station is a 24 minute walk. I didn't have to be there until 0535...The guy at the front desk took 15 minutes to check me out. So...after running the 2.5 miles from my hotel to the Diamond Plate last night, I was not going to run, again...so I used my little cockroach legs (blame Specialist Floyd for the term) to get there...I was 3 minutes late...the bus already left. I called Amtrak. They told me the next bus to Sacramento didn't leave until the next morning. I checked their website, which told me the next bus was at 1105. I decided that the telephone person was probably right, considering they probably had more information. So I tried to get ahold of my family in Sacramento. That didn't happen...of course not. I absolutely broke down...I couldn't do it, anymore...I was alone, cold, tired, and scared...so I tried to shelter myself from the wind and went down the the path through the tunnel...and I cried. I broke down and cried. I was a wreck.
Then...by the grace of God (I know...I talk about it a lot...), a man came by...he asked, "Hey...are you okay?" I couldn't say anything...I was crying so much...so I just shook my head. I was NOT okay. NOT NOT NOT OKAY. So he continues, "Is it a boy?" I shake my head. "A girl?" Again...no...
So I tell him, "I can't get home..."
To which he replies..."I'll get you home. Where's home?"
"Oh, that's not so bad! I thought I would have to go to New York or something! Come on. Let's get you home." So I followed this homeless man...I told him my story...Missing the bus going home...needing to be in Sacramento at 0835...and he takes me to this bus stop, where I meet his friends...practically his family. He tells one of the ladies, "This girl needs to get home as fast as possible." She pulls out her phone immediately and calls her friend. He comes with his Volvo and drives me to Sacramento. From there, I managed to get a ticket to the next train to San Jose and a bus to Monterey.

A HOMELESS MAN SAVED MY FUCKING LIFE. It changed my life. CHANGED. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing...it's a miracle...IMPOSSIBLE MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

I was taught at a young age not to talk to strangers...but if I hadn't...Where would I be, right now? Probably still trapped in Roseville. I'm so overwhelmed.

All in all...God, Twitter, Paul Kim, and this poor homeless man named "K" changed my life...for the better.

...and I've had "Hero" on repeat since last night...and it got me through my morning. Thank you, Mr. Kim. Thank you.
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Axel Leigh Park
29 January 2011 @ 07:11 pm
So...I'm selling my Archos on Ebay.

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