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22 January 2012 @ 09:54 pm
It's been a long time. Sorry, bbz. <3 I hate how I am so distracted with yejunsaranghae that I can't find the time to update my personal journal. Here I am, though. <3

So...life happened...

I came back from my seven month deployment...can't believe I made it alive! :D I visited so many countries! Our first stop was Hawaii. I shopped and went to the beach. <3 :3 Then Guam. I was on duty in Guam, so I didn't get to leave the ship. Then, we floated around in the gulf for 64 days before we hit Dubai. I drank in Dubai...and I went to Atlantis! The Leap of Faith was SO COOL! Scary, but AWESOMESAUCE. Next, we hit up Aqaba, Jordan. :3 There's not really much to do there, but I did go to the Dead Sea and the Baptism site of Jesus Christ. Being the Christian that I am, I thought it was the most astonishing thing EVAR. It's hard to describe the feeling...ethereal? I dunno. LOL. So then, we floated out in the gulf again for about two weeks...and we ported back in Jordan. The second time, I didn't really get to do anything...I was busy painting the side of the ship. LOL. We made it back to Dubai because we broke our sideport door in Jordan (the first time), so we had to go back to fix it...we were supposed to go to Bahrain, but I guess Dubai was cheaper? XD The second time was not quite as exciting as the first. We weren't allowed to leave the pier after day 3 because it was Ramadan (sp?), and they didn't want any of us to "cause trouble." After Dubai, we started heading home. Thailand...oh, Thailand...Alright...first off...In Thailand, there pretty much aren't any laws. I walked around with a wine cooler in one hand and a beer in the other. Perfectly acceptable. Also...Naked women are pretty much a given. Men, too. LOL. I heard that one of the sailors on another ship was given head on a barstool...in public. Awesome. I went to a strip club...again...pretty fucking awesome. My first strip club was in a foreign country. XD I stayed overnight in a hotel and watched a Korean channel. I watched U-KISS live...on Korean TV. BINGEUL BINGEUL. It was fantastic. I was drunk, and I was dancing. XD. I was also screaming. Ask my husband. XD I was skyping with him and my mom. I shopped a bit...and lost my ipod...and my ID. XD It's all good. Everything is okay, now. Australia. Darwin, Australia. Not a whole lot to do, but Sushi was involved. I hung out with one of the hot asian guys from my ship. No, we're not like that. He's my sister's age and he likes my best friend. Anyway...he got us completely wasted...and when I say wasted...I mean...WASTED. I was stumbling up the brow...and he was holding onto me, trying not to let me fall, but I wasn't going to. XD Well...maybe a little. But I was holding onto the hand rails. XD Good times. So...then Hawaii happened, again, and my mother, as well as several other passengers, joined us on our Tiger Cruise. :D A week of fun! Tours, games, movies! It was the most fun I'd had on deployment. XD

So...that was deployment...now...on wednesday, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed...and my swelling still hasn't gone down...I'm not reacting to this very well...LOL...I woke up with HORRID stomach pain, this morning, so...I dunno what's up. >_< Anyway...JELLO CUPS ON MY FACE!
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It was alright. In most of the places that we went, I had to paint the side of the ship, so...I didn't have a lot of fun until Thailand. <3